Aircraft 1/72


912-LH “LW Emils”, Twelve German Bf-109s of the April War in 1/72
910-LH “Yugo-Exports”, Nine Decal Options for African & Asian AF in 1/72
909-LH “Italian Teams”, Four Decal Options for CL-13 Sabre Mk.IV in 1/72
908-LH “Soko Jastreb”, J-21 and NJ-21 in Yugoslav and Serbian AF in 1/72
907-LH “Balkan Gustavs”, Bf-109G in Skies Over Balkan in 1/72
906-LH “Fishbed World I”, MiG-21bis around the world in 1/72
905-LH “Global Mongols IV”, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
904-LH “Global Mongols III”, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
903-LH “Global Mongols II”, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72
902-LH “Global Mongols I”, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72
901-LH “Los Buchones”, HA-1112-M1L and M4L in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)


811-LH “Gustavs”, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part III in 1/72 (1.11.2020.)
810-LH “Gustavs”, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part II in 1/72 (1.11.2020.)
809-LH “Gustavs”, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part I in 1/72 (1.11.2020.)
808-LH “Hydrant”, Yugoslav Canadair CL-215 Firefighters in 1/72 (1.11.2020.)
807-LH “Jets No.5”, Western Jets in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72 (1.10.2020.)
806-LH “Spitfire Vc”, Yugoslav Spitfires Mk.Vc Trop in 1/72 (1.10.2020.)
805-LH “Spitfire Vc”, Yugoslav Spitfires Mk.Vc Trop in 1/72 (1.10.2020.)
804-LH “Peshka”, Yugoslav Air Force Petlyakov Pe-2 in 1/72 (1.10.2020.)
803-LH “Ilyusha”, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-2 Flying Tanks in 1/72 (1.8.2020.)
802-LH “Ilyusha”, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-2 Flying Tanks in 1/72 (1.8.2020.)
801-LH “Dakotas”, Yugoslav Civil & Military C-47 in 1/72 (1.8.2020.)
800-LH “Forgotten”, Yugoslav B-24 & Halyard Mission C-47 in 1/72


799-LH “Potez 25”, with Lorraine and Jupiter Engines in 1/72
798-LH “Blenheims”, Yugoslav Bristol Blenheim I Bombers in 1/72
797-LH “Four Hinds”, Serbian Air Force’s Mi-35M Helicopters in 1/72
796-LH “Big Nose”, Yugoslav Mosquito N.F. Mk.38 in 1/72
795-LH “Fury Mk.II”, Yugoslav Hawker Fury Mk.II, Part Two in 1/72
794-LH “Fury Mk.II”, Yugoslav Hawker Fury Mk.II, Part One in 1/72
793-LH “Hawkers”, Yugoslav Furies Mk.I & Hurricanes Mk.I in 1/72
792-LH “Big Bugs”, Serbian Mil Mi-24, Mi-17 & Mi-8 Helicopters in 1/72
791-LH “Six-pack”, Six Serbian Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrums in 1/72
790-LH “Mosquitos”, Mk.III & VI in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
789-LH “Paintjob”, Serbian Air Force MiG-21UM, NJ-22 & G-4TM in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
788-LH “Gazelle”, Yugoslav Aerospatiale Soko SA-341/342 in 1/72
787-LH “S-55/Mi-4″, Yugoslav AF Whirlwind and Hound in 1/72
786-LH “Hoplites”, Yugoslav Air Force’s Mi-2 Helicopters in 1/72
785-LH “Yakovlevs”, Yugoslav AF Yakovlev Fighters & Trainers in 1/72
784-LH “Twin Brits”, Yugoslav AF Oxford, Anson & Dove in 1/72
783-LH “Bubbles”, Aero-145 & L-200 Morava in Yugoslavia in 1/72
782-LH “Airtrucks”, Yugoslav Ju-52, Ju W-34, C-47 & Li-2 in 1/72
781-LH “Small Ans”, Yugoslav An-2M and An-14 in 1/72
780-LH “Jubilee”, MiG-21′s Golden Anniversary Tail Arts in 1/72
779-LH “Dulltones I”, Grey Aircraft of Fifties’ Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
778-LH “Migz Mix”, Yugoslav AF MiG-21s Ultimate Collection, part 4 (later types) in 1/72
777-LH “B/W Eagle”, J-22 Orao Airshow Performer in 1/72
776-LH “Migz Mix III”, Yugoslav AF MiG-21s Ultimate Collection, part 3 (later types) in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
775-LH “Those Four”, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Museum’s Collection in 1/72
774-LH “Sea Patrol”, Naval aviation of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1/72
773-LH “Oldies”, Three Vintage Serbian Airplanes in 1/72
772-LH “Defectors”, 1941 VVKJ Bombers Escaped To Hungary in 1/72
771-LH “Spec-Ops”, Serbian State Security’s Helicopters in 1/72
770-LH “Eagles III”, Yugoslav Air Force’s Orao Prototypes in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
769-LH “Eagles II”, Yugoslav-Romanian Strike Fighters in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
768-LH “Ol’ Knights”, Serbian Fulcrums in 1/72
767-LH “Sporties II”, Three Yugoslav pre-War Light Planes in 1/72
766-LH “Parasols”, 1930′s Yugoslav Fighters & Trainers in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
765-LH “1919″, Four post-WWI Yugoslav Fighter in 1/72
764-LH “C47/Do28”, Douglas C-47 & Dornier Do-28 in 1/72
763-LH “Airshow!”, 1950’s Aerobats Bu-133 and Yak-3 in 1/72
762-LH “Bipe Aces”, Famous Serbian Biplane Fighter Pilots in 1/72
761-LH “US Jets I”, 10 Years of Lift Here! Edition in 1/72
760-LH “Migz Mix II”, Yugoslav AF MiG-21s Ultimate Collection, part 2 (early types) in 1/72
759-LH “Migz Mix I”, Yugoslav AF MiG-21s Ultimate Collection, part 1 (early types) in 1/72
758-LH “Sneak Peek”, Yugoslav, Soviet and Egyptian MiG-21Rs in 1/72 WITH ETCHED PARTS (SOLD OUT)
757-LH “C-Choppa”, Five Yugoslav Maritime Helicopters in 1/72
756-LH “To Serbia II”, Serbian Biplanes From the Front of Salonika in 1/72
755-LH “Sporties”, Three Yugoslav Pre-war Light Planes in 1/72
754-LH “Aeroput”, Three Yugoslav Pre-War Airliners in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
753-LH “Zlin 526″, Czech Aerobatic Planes in Yugoslavia in 1/72
752-LH “Low Vis II”, Grey Serbian MiG-29, part 2 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
751-LH “Low Vis I”, Grey Serbian MiG-29, part 1 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
750-LH “New Age”, Current Serbian Transport Aircraft in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
749-LH “Sombor”, Yugoslav Lightning and Flying Fortress in 1/72
748-LH “Air Ploesti”, Four Yugoslav B-24J Liberators in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
747-LH “Ol’School”, Brandenburg B.1 and C.1 in Yugoslavia in 1/72
746-LH “Bre-14″, Breguet 14 A2 in Serbian WWI Air Force in 1/72
745-LH “Sun City”, April War Escapees, part 2 in 1/72
744-LH “Abu Qir”, April War Escapees, part 1 in 1/72
743-LH “Eagles”, Yugoslav-Romanian Strike Fighters in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
742-LH “Fat Five”, Yugoslav F-47D Thunderbolts in 1/72 (SOLD OUT) WILL BE RE-RELEASED
741-LH “The Bipes”, Four Yugoslav Civil Airplanes in 1/72
740-LH “D’vizze”, Yugoslav Export Jets in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
739-LH “1948 War”, Egyptian and Israeli Spitfires, Mark Nine in 1/72
738-LH “Badges”, Unit Insignia on Yugoslav Aircraft in 1/72
737-LH “IK-Fighters”, A Family of Indigenous Yugoslav Aircraft in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
736-LH “Airliners”, Yugoslav Classis Airliners, part 3 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
735-LH “Fulcrums”, Pre-1992 Yugoslav Air Force’s MiG-29′s in 1/72
734-LH “Forties”, Four Yugoslav Light Planes in 1/72
733-LH “Hurrimix”, Four Yugoslav Hawker Hurricanes in 1/72
732-LH “Choppers”, Autogiros and Helicopters, part 4 in 1/72
731-LH “Bleistift”, Yugoslav Do-17E, K and M Bombers in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
730-LH “Roundels”, VVKJ and PV National Markings (1923-1941) in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
729-LH “After Y2K”, Serbian MiG-21, MiG-29, J-22 Orao and G-4 Supergaleb in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
728-LH “Me-109″, VVKJ Me-109E and JRV Me-109G in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
727-LH “Spitfires V”, Yugoslav Spitfires, Mark Five in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
726-LH “Spitfires IX”, Yugoslav Spitfires, Mark Nine in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
725-LH “Seaplanes”, Floatplanes and Amphibians, part 1 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
724-LH “Yakz 9″, Soviet Fighters in Yugoslavia, part 3 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
723-LH “Yakz 3″, Soviet Fighters in Yugoslavia, part 2 in 72 (SOLD OUT)
722-LH “Yakz 1″, Soviet Fighters in Yugoslavia, part 1 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
721-LH “Airliners”, Yugoslav Classic Airliners, part 2 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
720-LH “Jets no.4″, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 4 in 1/72
719-LH “Trophies”, Yugoslav Partisan Aircraft, part 3 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
718-LH “MiG 2006″, Serbian MiG-21bis in New Livery in 1/72
717-LH “…So What”, Unreal Yugoslav Fighters, part 1 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
716-LH “Aerobats”, Yugoslav Airshow Performers, part 2 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
715-LH “Jets no.3″, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 3 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
714-LH “Jets no.2″, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 2 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
713-LH “Big Bipes”, Yugoslav Antonov An-2 “Colts”, part 1 in 1/72
712-LH “Hawkers”, Royal Yugoslav Aircraft, part 8 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
711-LH “Migz 72″, Yugoslav Air Force’s MiG-21s in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
710-LH “Classics 2″, Royal Yugoslav Aircraft, part 7 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
709-LH “Lifters”, Yugoslav An-12 and An-26, part 1 in 1/72
708-LH “Emils”, Royal Yugoslav Aircrafts, part 6 in 1/72
707-LH “Anti-Subs”, Yugoslav Maritime Helicopters in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
706-LH “Bombers”, Royal Yugoslav Aircraft, part 5 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
705-LH “Whales”, Dornier Do J II Wal Flying Boats in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
704-LH “Classics”, Royal Yugoslav Aircraft, part 4 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
703-LH “Gemischt”, Axis Bf-109 Gustavs over Balkans, part 1 in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
702-LH “EZ-Flyers”, Soko Galeb and Jastreb in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)
701-LH “Airliners”, C-47/DC-3 YU-ABI of Yugoslav Airliners in 1/72 (SOLD OUT)


“Old Series” are older LH! Decals with alphanumeric product codes.

Z-72LH “Flying Stars” (SOLD OUT)
Y-72LH “G! Again!” (SOLD OUT)
X-72LH “Li’l Buzza” (SOLD OUT)
V-72LH “Me-109G” (SOLD OUT)
U-72LH “Trophies II” (SOLD OUT)
T-72LH “To Serbia!”
S-72LH “Me-109E” (SOLD OUT)
R-72LH “Trophies I” (SOLD OUT)
Q-72LH “Royal Twins” (SOLD OUT)
P-72LH “Choppers I” (SOLD OUT)
O-72LH “Loaded” (SOLD OUT)
N-72LH “Mossie & Jug in the YAF” (SOLD OUT)
M-72LH “Messerschmitt Me-109E/G, The War Edition” (SOLD OUT)
L-72LH “War Trophies, part I”
K-72LH “White Seagulls” (SOLD OUT)
J-72LH “Early Birds, part I” (SOLD OUT)
I-72LH “Royal Yugoslav Air Force, part I” (SOLD OUT)
H-72LH “Air Museum, part I” (SOLD OUT)
G2-72LH “Air Museum II (reprint)” (SOLD OUT)
G-72LH “Air Museum, part II” (SOLD OUT)
F-72LH “Royal Yugoslav Air Force, part II” (SOLD OUT)
E-72LH “MiGs In Yugoslav Sky” (SOLD OUT)
D-72LH “Early post-WWII Years In Yugoslav Air Force” (SOLD OUT)
C-72LH “351 & 352 RAF Yugoslav Squadrons” (SOLD OUT)
B-72LH “U.S. Jets In Yugoslav Air Force, part I” (SOLD OUT)
A-72LH “Royal Yugoslav Air Force In April War, part I” (SOLD OUT)