LH! 1/72

912-LH LW Emils, Twelve German Bf-109s of the April War in 1/72
910-LH Yugo-Exports, Nine Decal Options for African & Asian AF in 1/72
909-LH Italian Teams, Four Decal Options for CL-13 Sabre Mk.IV in 1/72
908-LH Soko Jastreb, J-21 and NJ-21 in Yugoslav and ⬛ AF in 1/72
907-LH Balkan Gustavs, Bf-109G in Skies Over Balkan in 1/72
906-LH Fishbed World I, Seventeen decal options of MiG-21bis fishbed in 1/72
903-LH Global Mongols II, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72
902-LH Global Mongols I, MiG-21US/UM around the world in 1/72

836-LH Fat Bugz, Mil Mi-8T Medium Helicopters in 1/72
835-LH Ninety-Nine, Yugoslav MiG-29s in 1999 Combat Against NATO in 1/72
834-LH Polikarpov, Po-2 With M-11 Engine in Yugoslavia in 1/72
833-LH TigerEye, Yugoslav Tests of Northrop RF-5E Plus F-20 in 1/72
832-LH Tigers 241, Soko J-22 Orao With Tiger Tail Art in 1/72
831-LH G-2, 3, 4, White and Red Soko Galeb & Supergaleb in 1/72
830-LH Mil-Ka, Anti-Submarine Mil & Kamov Choppers in 1/72
829-LH i.d. please, First Yugoslav Police Helicopters in 1/72
828-LH Eseferjot, Yugoslav Air Force's Mig-21 bis in 1/72
827-LH Nineties, Mig-21M, MF & Bis in 1/72
826-LH Jaka trojka, Three Yak-3 Fighters of Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72

825-LH SA-341 Gazelle, SA-341 in Early Colour Scheme in 1/72
824-LH 9-13, MiG-29S from Belorussian Batch in 1/72
823-LH Spitfire V, WW2 Yugoslav Spitfires Vc in 1/72
822-LH Hurricane, WW2 Yugoslav Hurricanes IV RP in 1/72

821-LH Hurricane, WW2 Yugoslav Hurricanes IIc in 1/72
820-LH Ilyusha 14, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-14M Airliners in 1/72

819-LH Airliners, Yugoslav Douglas DC-6B Airliners in 1/72
818-LH Airliners, Yugoslav Douglas DC-6B Airliners in 1/72
817-LH Fulcrums, MiG-29s with Pilots' Names in 1/72
816-LH Fishbeds, MiG-21 in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
815-LH Mosquitos, Mk.III & VI in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
814-LH Jets No. 6, Western Jets in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
813-LH First'n'Last, G-4 Super Galeb with Old Empennage in 1/72
812-LH 7-Zero-7, Yugoslav Airlines' Boeing 707-340C in 1/72

811-LH Gustavs, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part III in 1/72
810-LH Gustavs, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part II in 1/72
809-LH Gustavs, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part I in 1/72
807-LH Jets No.5, Western Jets in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
806-LH Spitfire Vc, Yugoslav Spitfires Mk.Vc Trop in 1/72
805-LH Spitfire Vc, Yugoslav Spitfires Mk.Vc Trop in 1/72
804-LH Peshka, Yugoslav Air Force Petlyakov Pe-2 in 1/72
803-LH Ilyusha, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-2 Flying Tanks in 1/72
802-LH Ilyusha, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-2 Flying Tanks in 1/72
801-LH Dakotas, Yugoslav Civil & Military C-47 in 1/72
800-LH Forgotten, Yugoslav B-24 & Halyard Mission C-47 in 1/72

799-LH Potez 25, with Lorraine and Jupiter Engines in 1/72
798-LH Blenheims, Yugoslav Bristol Blenheim I Bombers in 1/72
797-LH Four Hinds, ⬛ Air Force's Mi-35M Helicopters in 1/72
796-LH Big Nose, Yugoslav Mosquito N.F. Mk.38 in 1/72
795-LH Fury Mk.II, Yugoslav Hawker Fury Mk.II, Part Two in 1/72
794-LH Fury Mk.I, Yugoslav Hawker Fury Mk.I, Part One in 1/72
793-LH Hawkers, Yugoslav Furies Mk.I & Hurricanes Mk.I in 1/72
792-LH Big Bugs, ⬛ Mil Mi-24, Mi-17 & Mi-8 Helicopters in 1/72
788-LH Gazelle, Yugoslav Aerospatiale Soko SA-341/342 in 1/72
787-LH S-55/Mi-4, Yugoslav AF Whirlwind and Hound in 1/72
786-LH Hoplites, Yugoslav Air Force’s Mi-2 Helicopters in 1/72
785-LH Yakovlevs, Yugoslav AF Yakovlev Fighters & Trainers in 1/72
784-LH Twin Brits, Yugoslav AF Oxford, Anson & Dove in 1/72
783-LH Bubbles, Aero-145 & L-200 Morava in Yugoslavia in 1/72
782-LH Airtrucks, Yugoslav Ju-52, Ju W-34, C-47 & Li-2 in 1/72
781-LH Small Ans, Yugoslav An-2M and An-14 in 1/72
780-LH Jubilee, MiG-21′s Golden Anniversary Tail Arts in 1/72
779-LH Dulltones I, Grey Aircraft of Fifties’ Yugoslav Air Force in 1/72
777-LH B/W Eagle, J-22 Orao Airshow Performer in 1/72
775-LH Those Four, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Museum’s Collection in 1/72

773-LH Oldies, Three Vintage Serbian Airplanes in 1/72
772-LH Defectors, 1941 VVKJ Bombers Escaped To Hungary in 1/72
771-LH Spec-Ops, ⬛ State Security’s Helicopters in 1/72
767-LH Sporties II, Three Yugoslav pre-War Light Planes in 1/72
765-LH 1919, Four post-WWI Yugoslav Fighter in 1/72
764-LH C47/Do28, Douglas C-47 & Dornier Do-28 in 1/72
763-LH Airshow!, 1950's Aerobats Bu-133 and Yak-3 in 1/72
762-LH Bipe Aces, Famous Serbian Biplane Fighter Pilots in 1/72
761-LH US Jets I, 10 Years of Lift Here! Edition in 1/72
756-LH To Serbia II, Serbian Biplanes From the Front of Salonika in 1/72
755-LH Sporties, Three Yugoslav Pre-war Light Planes in 1/72
753-LH Zlin 526, Czech Aerobatic Planes in Yugoslavia in 1/72
749-LH Sombor, Yugoslav Lightning and Flying Fortress in 1/72
747-LH Ol’School, Brandenburg B.1 and C.1 in Yugoslavia in 1/72
746-LH Bre-14, Breguet 14 A2 in Serbian WWI Air Force in 1/72
745-LH Sun City, April War Escapees, part 2 in 1/72
744-LH Abu Qir, April War Escapees, part 1 in 1/72
742-LH Fat Five, Yugoslav F-47D Thunderbolts in 1/72
741-LH The Bipes, Four Yugoslav Civil Airplanes in 1/72
739-LH 1948 War, Egyptian and Israeli Spitfires, Mark Nine in 1/72
738-LH Badges, Unit Insignia on Yugoslav Aircraft in 1/72
735-LH Fulcrums, Pre-1992 Yugoslav Air Force’s MiG-29′s in 1/72
734-LH Forties, Four Yugoslav Light Planes in 1/72
720-LH Jets No.4, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 4 in 1/72
718-LH MiG 2006, ⬛ MiG-21bis in New Livery in 1/72
713-LH Big Bipes, Yugoslav Antonov An-2 “Colts”, part 1 in 1/72
708-LH Emils, Royal Yugoslav Aircrafts, part 6 in 1/72

T-72LH To Serbia! in 1/72
L-72LH War Trophies, part I in 1/72