LH! 1/48

911-LH Balkan Gustavs, Five Decal Options Me-109G in Skies over Balkans in 1/48

453-LH Polikarpov, Po-2 With M-11 Engine in Yugoslavia in 1/48
452-LH Fat Bugz, Mil Mi-8T Medium Helicopters in 1/48
451-LH TigerEye, Yugoslav Tests of Northrop RF-5E (Plus F-20) in 1/48
450-LH Tigers 241, Soko J-22 Orao With Tiger Tail Art in 1/48
449-LH Hinds, Mi-24, Mi-35M and H-145M Helicopters in 1/48
448-LH Eseferjot, Yugoslav Air Force's Mig-21 bis in 1/48
447-LH Nineties, Mig-21M, MF & Bis in 1/48
446-LH Eagles 48, Yugoslav J-22 Orao Attack Airplane in 1/48
445-LH 9-13, MiG-29S from Belorussian Batch in 1/48
444-LH Spitfire V, WW2 Yugoslav Spitfires Vb & Vc in 1/48
443-LH Hurricane, WW2 Yugoslav Hurricanes IV RP in 1/48

442-LH Hurricane, WW2 Yugoslav Hurricanes IIc in 1/48
441-LH Gazelle, Wartime Serb SA-341/342 in 1/48
440-LH Mosquitos, Mk. III, VI & 38 in Yugoslav Air Force in 1/48
439-LH Fulcrums, MiG-29s with Pilots' Names in 1/48
438-LH Mongols, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21US/UM in 1/48
436-LH Fulcrums, Yugoslav AF's MiG-29s in 1/48
435-LH Gustavs, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part II in 1/48
434-LH Gustavs, Yugoslav Messerschmitt Me-109G, Part I in 1/48
433-LH Peshka, Yugoslav Air Force Petlyakov Pe-2 in 1/48
432-LH Ilyusha, Yugoslav Ilyushin Il-2 Flying Tanks in 1/48
431-LH Blenheims, Yugoslav Bristol Blenheim I Bombers in 1/48
429-LH Bückers, Yugoslav Bü-131, Bü-133 and Bü-181 in 1/48
428-LH 'mericans, Yugoslav Kaydet & Harvard in 1/48
427-LH Two Moths, Yugoslav D.H. Gipsy Moth & Tiger Moth in 1/48
426-LH Emils 48, Four Royal Yugoslav Me-109E-3s in 1/48
425-LH Bipe Aces, Famous Serbian Biplane Fighter Pilots in 1/48
424-LH Mig Camo, Yugoslav Air Force MiG-21 & MiG-23 in 1/48
423-LH Hawkers, Yugoslav Furies Mk.I & Hurricanes Mk.I in 1/48
421-LH Gazelle, Yugoslav Aerospatiale Soko SA-341/342 in 1/48
419-LH Fat Five, Yugoslav Air Force’s Thunderbolts in 1/48
418-LH Silver Vans, Yugoslav Anson, Oxford, Ju-52 & C-47 in 1/48
415-LH Fishbed C, Yugoslav MiG-21f-13 Delta Fighters in 1/48
413-LH Taifuns, Messerschmitt Bf-108B-1 in Yugoslavia in 1/48
412-LH Jets No.3, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 3 in 1/48
411-LH Jets No.2, US Jets in Yugoslav Air Force, part 2 in 1/48
410-LH Fishbed J, Yugoslav Air Force’s MiG-21R/M/MF in 1/48
407-LH Big Bipes, Yugoslav Military Antonov An-2 “Colts” in 1/48
405-LH Spitfires, Yugoslavs in Spitfires, Mk. Five / Nine in 1/48
404-LH Museum, Five Aircraft Of Yugoslav Air Museum in 1/48
403-LH Yakz, Soviet Fighters in Yugoslavia, part 3 in 1/48
402-LH Trophies, Partisan Messer, Bucker and Focke-Wulf in 1/48
401-LH Skytrain, Two Yugoslav C-47 Transports in 1/48

K-48LH Choppers I in 1/48
O-48LH SPAD S.VII in 1/48
X-48LH Yakz in 1/48