CC07209 – “JRV Roundels”, Generic Yugoslav Air Force Insignia in 1/72

Generic Yugoslav Air Force markings for aircraft in use from 1945 untill 1991.

This set has roundels and flags as follows:

  • 8x R=400mm YAF roundels
  • 8x R=500mm YAF roundels
  • 8x R=600mm YAF roundels
  • 8x R=750mm YAF roundels
  • 138mm of h=360mm flags
  • 138mm of h=450mm flags
  • 138mm of h=600mm flags
  • 69mm of h=900mm flags
  • 8x stars for h=360mm flags
  • 8x stars for h=450mm flags
  • 6x stars for h=600mm flags
  • 2x stars for h=900mm flags